Things to Pack

Pre-departure Preparation


Documents to bring:

  • Air ticket
  • Passport
  • Evidence of e-visa
  • Academic transcript or evidence of education background
  • Letter of Offer
  • Identity Card
  • Driver’s licence (with English translation if applicable) or International driver’s licence
  • Cash (Australian Dollars) (around $500 – $1500 for the first week)
  • Travel Cheque or Bank Cheque (amount of A $2,000 – A$5,000)

Personal Necessities:

  • Clothes (check the climate of your destination before packing)
  • Watch and alarm clock
  • Mobile Phone and Charger
  • Converter (for socket)
  • Personal medicine if necessary
  • Shoes (formal and casual)
  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Dictionary, stationery, lap-top computer, USB and calculator
  • School Bag
  • Camera
  • Sun cream, sunglasses and umbrella


Please keep it handy with your passport, air ticket, evidence of visa, letter of offer, cash, other valuable items and emergency contact in your handbag. For things that are required to declare, it will be more convenient to pack them together for Customs examination

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